7 of the Best Areas To Invest in Student Property in the UK

As rents continue to rise, student property has fast become one of the most popular investments. But if you’ve never done it before, where do you start? From John o’Groats to Land’s End, there are students in every pocket of the UK, including in the major cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, and Glasgow. Here are the top 7 places for student accommodation investment, to find investment opportunities in student property visit our student section.


Birmingham property investment

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Britain’s second city is becoming an increasingly popular student hotspot, and accommodation here is in high demand. Landlords can make money by purchasing a property close to the city centre and renting it out to students. After all, there are over 65,000 of them, including many at Aston University – one of the most attended universities in the Midlands. The Jewellery Quarter and St Paul’s Square areas are highly sought-after, and there is an increased demand for high quality student accommodation in a good location. There are a wide range of properties for sale close to the city’s universities, including houses, two-bedroom apartments, and smaller flats.


Brighton property investment

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It’s famous for its pier and rock, but Brighton is also one of the UK’s top student cities, attracting people from all over the country (and the world). The town’s close proximity to London makes it a popular destination for students from the capital, although house prices here aren’t as cheap as they used to be. There are many properties that are located in the town centre, while others are closer to the beach. Landlords often purchase two or three bedroom apartments in Brighton and then rent them out to students from the University of Sussex and University of Brighton. The best areas to buy property? Look around the train station and close to one of the two aforementioned universities. If you can only afford something further away, make sure there are excellent public transport services to attract students.


bristol property investment

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Bristol is up-and-coming, and today this city is attracting more students than ever before. The trendy area of Clifton is one of the most popular places for student property investment. Here you will find boutique shops, restaurants, and bars, and what’s more, it’s only half a mile from Bristol University. If you have the money, you can purchase a larger flat, and then turn the lounge into an extra bedroom, which will generate more income. You can also turn the kitchen area into a communal space. A recent report suggested house prices in the south west of England had reached a record high, seemingly turning Bristol into a seller’s market.


london property investment

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The big one. The country’s capital and one of the world’s busiest cities is home to many educational institutions, and demand for student accommodation here is unlike anywhere else in the UK. You’ll need to have a big budget if you’re planning on purchasing a home in the centre of the city and converting it into student flats, especially with house prices being as high as they are. As London is so easy to get around via public transport, you might want to find accommodation in one of the outer boroughs. Although homes here will still be more expensive than most parts of the country, they will be considerably less than those in the centre of town. However, if money’s no object, then look for property close to institutions such as University College London, which attracts students from all over the world. A house close to an Underground station or bus stop is preferable, but with the London property market being as it is, you really can’t go wrong wherever you choose to buy in the capital.


ipswich property investment

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There are plenty of town houses in Ipswich which are being turned into student properties. However, if you’re looking for property, the golden rule is location, location, location. Look for homes that are within walking distance from the town’s university campus, and Suffolk New College – one of the most attended further education institutions in the area. If you’re up for a challenge, you might be able to turn an old business into student flats, especially if you have a large budget. Alternatively, you can convert a Victorian townhouse into accommodation, and make use of the basement space by turning this area into additional bedrooms.


Canterbury property investment

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Canterbury is steeped in history, and is one of the most visited cities in the country. Attracting tourists from around the world, the city is known for its historical skyline, cathedral, and distinctive architecture. Canterbury is also a student city, with plenty to offer when it comes to accommodation. There are plenty of older three-story buildings (many of which were constructed in the 1900s) that can be converted into student accommodation. Clever landlords have already created spacious reception rooms and plenty of bedroom space, whilst making the most out of the small gardens at the rear of the property. The University of Kent is where you should be looking for homes (well, within a two mile radius of the campus). Remember – if you’re unfamiliar with the area but still want to invest, make sure you visit Canterbury first to get a feel for the type of accommodation that’s on offer here.


exeter property investment

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Exeter University recently became a member of the Russell Group – a league of educational institutions that excel in research. Because of this, more students are expected to be settling down in the city in the near future, and demand for accommodation will sky rocket. The city is known for its four-bedroom town properties, and these can easily be converted into student accommodation. However, you’ll have to factor in the cost of repair work – especially as some of these buildings are old and in need of some maintenance. As always, the areas around the campus and the city centre are ideal places to look for homes, but if you opt for a property further afield, make sure there are parking spaces or bus links.

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