About Us

Who Is Aspen Woolf Dubai?

Established in 2005 by Russell Midgley and Oliver Ramsden in the UK, following continued success Russell travelled to Dubai to set up the MENA branch of Aspen Woolf in 2015.

Aspen Woolf Dubai are specialists in identifying investment property with high yields and exceptional capital growth. We take a client first stance and take pleasure in helping to build, and diversify our clients’ investment portfolios. If you are looking for a company with a focus on customer service and a proven 12 year plus track record in property investment then Aspen Woolf Dubai are here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can be of service.

Our Mission Statement

“Our clients’ success will inevitably lead to our success.”

It is a simple philosophy but we truly believe it! This notion has spurred us on to work hard for our investors, helping them achieve their financial goals. It is due to this hard work and passion for investment property that Aspen Woolf have been able to continue benefiting our investors worldwide for well over a decade.

Now you might be wondering, where did it all begin?

Our History

As mentioned previously Aspen Woolf were originally set up in 2005 by the directors Russell and Oliver. Our initial focus was on the emerging property markets in South America and Eastern Europe, obtaining exclusive contracts with some of the largest developers in the respective regions. Following that success Aspen Woolf developed and completed our first site, the luxurious resort Pipa Centro in northern Brazil.

Both directors have built their own international property portfolios through developments that we have sold as Aspen Woolf, and they continue to invest in the current projects that we market today.

Recently we have begun to focus more on the strong performing residential property seen in the UK along with the high yields of the student property market. Since opening the office in Dubai in 2015 Aspen Woolf offer quite the lucrative selection of Dubai based property.

What next you might ask, well Aspen Woolf are looking to expand the construction arm of the business, having already successfully delivered and sold out a 219 bed student accommodation in Bolton recently. We are expecting big things this year with several exciting new property launches.