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Receive Instant WhatsApp Alerts

This is a very exciting time at Aspen Woolf! After a lot of work we’ve teamed up with one of the worlds leading mobile messaging providers – WhatsApp.

Don’t want to miss out on a new development launch ever again? Or regretted that time you missed one of our unit updates and couldn’t reserve your favourite property in time? Well, guess what? Aspen Woolf are now on WhatsApp! That’s right, you can now receive new property investment launches straight to your smartphone – instantly!

How It Works:

Step 1: Save the dedicated Aspen Woolf WhatsApp number, which is revealed by clicking “WhatsApp” in the above button, as a contact on your mobile phone – just like you would add a new friend or colleagues number to your phone. You can even call us “Aspen Woolf WhatsApp” if you want! If for whatever reason the above button doesn’t work, you can also click here.

Step 2: Open the App on your smartphone and send us a message via WhatsApp saying START.

Step 3: Wait a few minutes for your confirmation message. That’s it! Now you can send us WhatsApp messages whenever you want, and also receive our alerts!

In case your new contact doesn’t appear in the App, you should restart it. If this doesn’t help, then the contact will be visible after you restart your smartphone. Unfortunately, we can’t answer to any of your WhatsApp messages until the above steps have been taken.

This property investment alert system is entirely free and can be cancelled at any time.

If you don’t want to receive further WhatsApp messages, just send us a message saying STOP. It really is that simple.

Have you stopped receiving our investment updates and would like to begin receiving them again? No problem! Just send us a message saying ‘START’ once again and you will be back on the list.

Why WhatsApp?

Having clients all over the world we thought “how can we make it as easy as possible for our clients to reach us when they want, where they want, for free?” and the answer is our brand new WhatsApp Alert service.

We’ve heard from a lot of our clients that they want to be in faster and easier contact with us. Sometimes it’s just a simple, quick question, and sometimes it’s letting us know when they want us to call them back. Whatever the reason may be, you can now let us know by simply sending us a WhatsApp message on your smartphone.

You can sign up to our property investment alerts, which we promise to only ever send when there is either a new launch or important updates regarding unit availabilities. Occasionally we might send special offers, but only if they’re truly special. We also promise to send our WhatsApp subscribers important information first, before it’s even on our website! So you can rest assured you’ll never miss any important Aspen Woolf updates. Otherwise, you can also use the App to send us a quick message or question, we’ll then be able to get in touch with you instantly during our respective working hours.

Don’t Have WhatsApp?

No worries! You can either download it here, or if you prefer you can always contact us here in the usual way. Looking forward to hearing from you!