The Ultimate Guide to Buy-to-Let 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Buy-To-Let 2017

There are around two million private landlords in the UK, proving that the rental market is a popular one, and for good reason. Buy-to-let, buying property and renting it out to generate income, is an excellent way of generating income, whether you’re starting a career as a property investor or just want some extra money on the side.

Our ultimate guide takes you through everything you need to consider before you start looking for your first investment. Among other things, we take a look at the financial side, including tax relief, mortgages, expenses and, of course, your potential return on investment, as well as just what type of property you should invest your hard earned money in.

Guide for First Time Property Investors

Guide for First Time Property Investors

Aside from buying your own home, purchasing your first buy-to-let property may be the biggest purchase of your life and one of the scariest. There are a number of risks to be aware of and pitfalls to avoid, but there is also a substantial amount of profit to be gained.

This guide is for first time property investors as they begin their journey as landlords. We take a look at those pitfalls to avoid, the benefits of investing in property, the logistics of your first investment, and tax and finance implications to give you the best start possible.

Obtaining a Visa As a Property Investor in Dubai

Obtaining a Vias as a Property Investor in Dubai

Dubai is known for its wealthy residents and lavish lifestyles, and it’s also a hotbed for property investment. But being so far from home, many UK based investors often have questions about their travel and residency arrangements when starting their property investment business in the city.

Our clients often ask us, ‘Can I get a residency visa if I buy a property in Dubai?’. The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no, so we have put together this guide with the basic information so you can decide for yourself which option might be best for you.

A Guide to Investing in Edinburgh

One of the most historic, creative and industrious cities in the world, Edinburgh has a thriving economy. The capital of Scotland not only has a fantasy job market, but a booming financial, tourism and student sector, making it ripe for all types of property investors.

Our guide takes you through everything you need to consider before you invest in Edinburgh property. This includes specific areas and markets to consider, the Scottish tax implications explained and what the future of the Edinburgh economy looks like.