Game of Homes – House Buying [Infographic]

London may be pricing out many first time buyers, with house prices in and around the capital uncontrollably increasing. Buying a house has never been an easy task and with it being a financially tiring process, it is of no surprise that many house or flat purchases fall through. To avoid this at all costs, homeowners need to understand the process as much as possible to make it a stress free process.

Many of us have often sat down to a competitive game of Monopoly and despite it being only a game, it poses similar pitfalls as with the reality of buying a property. Competitive offers, being gazumped and the endless fees invoiced by your solicitor are all typical ways a future homeowner could find the process a little too much to cope with. Taking a playful approach to the issue of home ownership and the gruesome process it presents to many, Sell House Fast, an online property website has created an infographic which identifies the 12 key stages of buying a home through an estate agents.

Whether you are a first time buyer who only understands the bare minimum when it comes down to placing an offer on a house or packing up your family home and moving elsewhere; there are a million and one considerations to comprehend to avoid falling off the property ladder. With any sale made by an estate agent, future homeowners need to have patience, time and a stash load of money saved away! With hidden expenses and that all important survey to conduct before any exchanging of contracts can be made, buying a house can be financially compromising if mistakes are made. So before you enter a potential sale, understand how the game of homes work to make sure your new house becomes your home!

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Game of Homes infographic

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