Gatwick Airport Parking Scam Notice

An Airport Parking Scam Notice to Our Investors

Property investment can be hugely rewarding, but as with any type of investment, it carries a degree of risks as well. This is why hugely popular and successful investments can all of a sudden be imitated by the wrong people, as they see it as an easy opportunity to make money.

Aspen Woolf feel we would not be doing our job properly as a trusted investment company for over 10 years if we didn’t raise awareness on the current scams out there.

Recently it has come to our attention that there have been fraudulent rogue agents selling UK Airport Parking Spaces to investors. We would like to keep any future investors and our treasured current clients knowledgeable about this so they too can help keep themselves and those around them safeguarded.

We have found out that there are scam companies claiming to be selling Gatwick Airport Parking Spaces as well as Glasgow Airport Parking Spaces, without being accredited agents by the developers.

Park First, which is the true developer of Airport Parking Spaces in the UK is also aware of this and have issued their own notice on their website, which you can read here.

We would like to add our own Airport Parking Scam Notice to help keep everyone aware and to hopefully avoid any future disappointments. Aspen Woolf takes great pride in our customers’ successes as they directly attribute to ours. This is why we take this matter very seriously.

Firstly, please keep in mind that Park First will always confirm their official agents, of which Aspen Woolf is one. You can at any time get in touch with Park First to confirm an agent is accredited. You can do this by contacting Ruth Almond directly either via email ( or telephone 01282 330 33.

If at any point you feel a company is trying to keep you away from being in touch with the developer, or gives you the impression that the developer can’t be reached for whatever reason, we would suggest not being in further contact with them. An official agent for UK Airport Parking Investments through Park First will always be transparent about the product and the developer. Please feel free to ask for proof of affiliation and/or being an accredited agent.

Secondly, we would like to give some tips to everyone on how to avoid future investment scams of any nature.

Great Tips on How to Avoid Investment Scams

Investment scams are designed to look like genuine investments. It is always important to do your own research and due diligence. Please feel free to read through some official tips on how you can spot and avoid a scam here. And for our overseas (U.S.) investors you can find some really great information from Please help yourself to the vast information on offer and help keep others aware of current scams.

Investing is the act of putting money, effort, and time into something to make a profit or get an advantage. Please keep your investments safe by keeping yourself and those around you informed. Feel free to share this notice with anyone you believe would benefit from learning more on how to avoid future investment scams or to simply make them more aware of the current UK Airport Parking Scam.


The Aspen Woolf Team


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