London Rent By Tube Stop: Bring Out The W(h)ine

We all like to nosy around at how much rent our friends are paying in London. And then we all like to cry about how much of our hard earned cash is simply flung out the window each and every month. And this is why we have wine, lot’s of wine. Or as we like to call it now, W(h)ine.

The ever wonderful team at Thrillist has pulled together data collected by Find Properly to bring us exactly what we all wanted to know. I.e. “Where can I not afford to live… ever… and which one of my friends should I start schmoozing with to help support my growing collection of empty ‘Whine’ bottles since they can clearly afford the finer things in life?”.

So without further ado, we bring you the data you’ve all been waiting for! A full rental map of England’s capital, displaying that beautiful average monthly cost for a cosy one-bedroom abode, within a kilometer of each Tube station on the London Underground network. Now please excuse me while I Whine my way back home *hic*, but hey – these drinks are on me!

For the full image (albeit you might need to bring out that bottle sized goblet your friend bought you on your 21st birthday) click here. Anyone else think Hatton Cross just became about 8 times more appealing?

If you can still afford a property in London and want to buy as opposed to rent, why not check out what’s available.