Redevelopment of Liverpool’s Eldon Grove Has Finally Begun

After 16 years of neglect, redevelopment of the Eldon Grove tenements in Liverpool’s Vauxhall has finally begun.

A major boost to the surrounding area, new blocks of luxury flats will be constructed on the site alongside refurbishment of the historic building itself.

Work starting on the site has been a long time coming with the initial planning application submitted in late 2015. Liverpool City Council only approved the proposal in December 2016, allowing designers JGLT Developments to make a start on their regeneration plans.

History of Eldon Grove

Eldon Grove was a council development opened in 1912 by the Countess of Derby, Alice Stanley. The buildings consisted of three blocks, originally used as labourers’ dwellings to home local workers.

Historians note Eldon Grove would have been the most modernised accommodation of its time, particularly as they incorporated baths with hot water taps. With balcony access, they are also deemed to be one of the oldest examples of council flats outside London.

Eldon Grove community playing soccer

As time moved on, the building was converted into student housing but eventually fell out of use. With previous regeneration projects falling through, Eldon Grove was abandoned and became completely derelict.

Being the last remaining original-style, timber frame tenement in Liverpool, the historic site was given Grade II listed status in 1993. This has lead Victorian Society supporters to campaign against construction work, particularly as the new surrounding flats will obstruct its view.

Need for Repair

The Eldonian Company, who are responsible for Eldonian Village and Vauxhall regeneration schemes, have been working with JGLT on the project. Their representative, Paul Foster, was left in no doubt over the building’s need for urgent attention. He told councillors:

“You’ll have seen this morning that Eldon Grove is in a terrible state, dilapidated and on the point of becoming unrepairable… These buildings will not survive another winter.”

“Eldon Grove has been derelict for 20 years now and has become an eyesore to the community. If it doesn’t get redeveloped shortly this Grade II listed building will be beyond repair.”

“We really do think this is the last chance for this building.

Eldon Grove as it looks down before redevelopment starts to create luxurious flats perfect for investment.

Image credit: SPDP via Flickr

This appeal was successful and after Liverpool council’s approval late last year, both developers and locals alike are eager to see the completed project.

Development Plans

As well as restoring the Eldon Grove building to its past glory, the multi-million pound project will see new flats erected on the premises. This will include five blocks of one and two bedroom apartments, as well as New York style duplex penthouses.

In total, this will create 84 new luxury rooms, with further plans to revamp the surrounding space with landscape gardens.

The New Eldon Grove

A representative of the Eldonian Company commented on the developments:

“It will look stunning and will kick start the regeneration of L3 again, increasing house prices and making the area a nicer place to live – being very close to the city centre it’s a perfect location for city living but with a relaxing lifestyle.”

JGLT have already received numerous enquiries from property investors. They expect the project to take around 12-18 months to complete before new residents can move in.


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