Smart Investments – Yields Across UK Student Lets [Interactive Infographic]

Student property is arguably one of the safest and most sought after type of property investment. With international students alone contributing £10 billion towards our economy it’s hard to ignore the benefits of investing in student properties. With this in mind we have created an interactive infographic to show you the investment yields for student lets across the UK from 2014-2015. The areas we cover in this infographic (from top to bottom) are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Chester, Birmingham, Cambridge, London, Bristol and Southampton.

You may notice that this leaves us with 3 additional plus signs, that’s because we’ve also added in the % increase in entry rates from 2006 to 2014 for the UK plus the 10 best and 10 worst buy to let hot spots based on their rental yields. If you’re still not sure about investing in student property then why not have a look at our previous infographic called “Student Property Investment“, it details both the growth of the property market as well as the growth in both international and mature students.

So why not have a play around with our interactive infographic? Just click the play button to get started.